Voodoo2 and WinXP 9 posts. This can increase the visual quality in some games. Pieno supporto alla connessione in SLI di 2 accelleratori grafici 3dfx Voodoo2. Selecting these options may cause problems with some games and hardware configurations. Originally posted by Xevion: Give these a look too.

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Passive heatsinks won’t do much good without some airflow, so there is not much point in installing them. Now 3dfx Voodoo2 and Voodoo2 OC tabs are displayed. Return to General Old Hardware.

This is most likely caused voodok directx 9c. Unfortunately the Q3D driver does not work on K7 either, just like the original V2 driver. I think all the voodoo drivers are optimized across the board so a voodoo 4 will work and if i recall correctly it was what they recommended at the time. When the window opens, scroll or browse until you see the Control Panel folder. I did install the Wickegl drivers for it which were a lot nicer than the ones I have for fps. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

This option will guarantee that the mip map blending will use vkodoo hardware dithering option which can smooth the transition between mip levels.


This does not affect texture memory. The dithering can soften this effect. This site hosts no abandonware.

Normal Download untested, for testing purposes only or old version Highlighted Color: Is there some “gotcha” lurking around the corner here?

Overall everything seems to work about as well as I’ve seen the Voodoo2 run in 2k Pro – I’ve had one crash of the 3dfx control panel, but logging out and back in again cleared it. Insert Voodoo2 firmly into a PCI slot.

Voodoo2 Drivers

A somewhat related question: Connect the lower port on Voodoo2 to the monitor port on your existing graphics board with the provided VGA pass-through cable: Remember which cables go to which connectors. Find an available PCI slot and remove the bracket and screw.

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Intel Rapid Storage Technology If you’re worried about temperature, there is vvoodoo easy solution. I just rarely ever boot up 9x boxes, and was thinking it would be nice to consolidate everything into the single XP system. That will keep the V2 a bit cooler. Mip levels are pre scaled texture maps that are appropriate for polygons of various distances away from the viewer. V2 SLI can run very hot especially in newer boards and even lockup or artifact.


Voodoo 2 Drivers for XP?

SectionRow E, Seat 23 Registered: They did however make my mouse slugish and block some keyboard inputs Any help much appreciated. I’m waiting on what should be a proper mate for my 12MB V2, and I’ve been thinking about putting them in a Windows XP box since I can’t honestly come up with a serious need for them to support Direct3D nor have any of my handful of Glide games given me trouble in XP in the past.

December, 29, Your Radeon is recognized as the primary 3D accelerator and chances are that it’s blocking out the Voodoo2 from your games. So please reduce the screen resolution for more balanced performance. Other info in readme. The game I play mostly is Counter-Strike.