Running the CPU at 2. ASRock has a history of providing very unique and, at times, unusual products based upon alternative chipsets at inexpensive price points. We also noticed temperature readings of around 56c in between the video cards where the two cables were installed. The floppy drive connector is located to right of the number three PCI slot and is inconveniently located for most case designs. This portion of the article includes the Linux compatibility, overclocking, and of course, its performance by means of benchmarks. With this being our inaugural Fedora Core 5 motherboard review, there are a few benchmarking changes to note.

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Fedora Core 5 Linux Kernel: The only way to come to a decisive conclusion was to test the board thoroughly and utilize it in a variety of situations. However, this unit did not keep 939spi-esata2 M chipset cooled properly.

Our initial impression of the ASRock SLIeSATA2 upon opening the box was like a child opening a birthday present, full of surprise and wonderment at the object that we were holding.

ASRock began operations in as the value brand group for Asus. We typically witnessed temperatures hovering near 59c from this heat sink, although we did not notice any stability issues during load lsn. During our testing and general usage of the ASRock SLIeSATA2, we found the board’s stability to be exceptional and it delivered competitive results in the latest synthetic and game benchmarks.

The memory modules are easy to install with a full size video card placed in the first PCI Express llan slot. Located to the right of the serial and parallel ports are the first two USB 2. We also noticed temperature readings of around 56c in between the video cards where the two cables were installed.


ASRock SLIeSATA2: Features – ASRock SLIeSATA2: ULi Dual x16 SLI

More information about the entire line of ASRock products can be found here. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

The SATA ports feature the new “clamp and latch” design along with it being color-coded. The cables were forced to run vertically in between the video cards and then loop over the first video card.

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Let’s find out if this alternative offering leads to a difficult choice. Phoronix Test Suite Lam. After the initial excitement over our gift from ASRock wore 939sli-esafa2, we began to wonder if this present would be one that we would toss in the closet, regift to an unsuspecting editor, or cherish over time.

One of the items for worry was the integrated Gigabit controller. Of course, now that NVIDIA has completed their acquisition of ULi, we have to wonder how many manufacturers will be able to provide a similar solution utilizing these chipsets or how long this driver will be available. However, due to the large heat sink covering the M chipset, the installation of larger air or water-cooling solutions could be problematic.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The jumpers to the right of the yellow are required to be changed in order to switch from socket operation to the AM2 CPU.

ASRock 939SLI32-eSATA2: ULi Dual x16 SLI

The layout 939lsi-esata2 this design offers a very good balance of 939sli-esaa2 slots for a mainstream board. The ULi M chipset is passively cooled with a high rise heat sink that did not interfere with cards installed into the PCI slots. However, our initial impressions were not as positive at the beginning of the test phase as the board would sporadically produce random results in the synthetic benchmarks while generating lockups in the memory benchmarks.


We did not have any issues utilizing these slots with video cards containing single slot cooling systems.

The first physical PCI Express x16 connector is located next to the 12V power connector that must be used if two video cards are installed. We utilized the stock AMD heat sink, but also verified that several aftermarket cooling systems such as the Thermaltake Big Typhoon lzn fit in this area during our overclocking tests.

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Although the board features a 3-phase voltage regulator power design, it provided excellent stability and allowed for a decent level of 939sli-eaata2. The DIMM module slots’ color coordination is correct 939xli-esata2 dual channel setup.

The game port header and front audio panel header are located in front of the floppy drive connector and to the right of the number three PCI slot.

Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 2 April The audio panel consists of 3 ports that can be configured for 2, 4, and 5.