Share this with your golf buddies: The sound is very Adams. What happens if there are any discrepancies? Can I trade in more than one item? If items are extremely old or damaged, they are also not assigned a market value.

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Adams Speedline UL Driver – Review!

The standard model is very, very good, gollf Tour model is exceptional. Our golf club condition guide is as follows:. Specifically, how does this driver, that received an overall performance score of Are you tired of fighting your driver? Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total.

The 6 golfers for whom we collected detailed performance data were asked to hit a series of shots on our 3Track Equipped simulators from aboutGolf. The left-handed afams comes in two lofts, a 9.

Adams Golf Speedline 9088 LDA Wood Driver Head Cover Headcover

What I speedlne away from the results of our forgiveness surveys is that the average mis-hit does a very good job of retaining distance. Oct 18, 17 Comments. Another point to note is that the new Speedline F11 fairways will be offered in both stainless steel and titanium, though both make use of channels seen both on the crown and the sole that works by allowing more flex in the face, and more of a pseedline or spring, and ultimately a higher COR.


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Adams Speedline UL Driver. The Speedline F11 driver comes in both left-handed and right-handed versions, with the righty model offered in a wide range of lofts, including 8.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This is one of those clubs that comes along and just makes you say…wow! It is Ultra easy to swing and the results are awesome. From a sound perspective the UL is deeper, more muted than aeams Adams drivers. Need help selling or trading your clubs?

Notify me of new posts by email. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.

The precise location of these spedline keeps airflow attached to the clubhead longer than previous models, which did not feature this technology. The feel is soft all over the face. But agree, not for everyone and ur review is through, accurate and wonderful. It does launch high, but has amazingly strong carry. I just kept saying to myself how easy it was to line up, and hit long high speesline. The stated spec of the UL is only D0.


Steve — Great catch. The Velocity Slot Technology also improves COR to levels near that of a driver, leaving you with a club that is not only easy to hit, but can provide a pretty significant increase in distance as well — between yards longer, according to Adams.

Adams Golf Speedline 9088 LDA VST Driver Headcover Long Drivers of America

The idea of putting a heavier shaft in this head intrigues me. The shaft is a proprietary version of the Radix shaft.

Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. From a couple of spy picks I saw of the next Fast series driver, it seems like they crossed lines.

Adams Golf Speedline LDA VST Driver Headcover Long Drivers of America | eBay

Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been delivered to our facility. Of course, 46 inches is too long and I did not try it with the stock shaft. Christmas Gift Guide for Golfers.