Originally Posted by Quasaur. This guy seems to have had the same problem as me. Many distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian etc. Did you find this article helpful Yes No Thanks for leaving feedback. The name of the printer is returned. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

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config/linux/mutex.c File Reference

Originally Posted by Quasaur. From what I have read this printer appears not to be the best thing Epson have produced.

Log in Not signed in yet? Libinklevel now also works on Open Solaris. Code cleanup has been performed. Mtink and Qink still gave same symptoms.

Please test with all available Canon printers and report both success and failure to me. The name of the printer is returned.

Check the ink level of your printer with Linux or FreeBSD

A segmentation fault when the printer did not terminate its device id with a semicolon has been fixed. June 8th, 7.


I reset my machine during all the messing about and you can certainly access mtlink as a normal user after that, see 4 above, lp group.

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Some bugs have been fixed too. If you intend to install from source you need to have gcc or another compiler installed. Libinklevel-Tester is for people who want to test libinklevel. To avoid this do not query the ink levels before the printer is fully initialized. Mailing lists There are two mailing lists for libinklevel: Support for Epson printers has been much improved.

Once the printer is working again mtink can be used to check the ink levels and works fine. Is a photon a dipole? Public test of version 0.

A problem with other printer programs being blocked after using libinklevel has been addressed. On this list new features and recent changes in libinklevel will be announced. HP, Epson and Canon. Detection of additional ink cartridges e. But nothing will be printed.


FreeBSD kernel amd64 linuxolator code: compat/linux/linux_vdso.h File Reference

After that install some software which makes use of libinklevel. Download Stable release libinklevel Libinklevel-Tester is for all who are willing to test libinklevel. June 8th, The Epson code has been rewritten to support more recent printers and to get rid of a bug which caused blocking of libinklevel when one ink cartridge d922 completely empty. Now also works if you do not use devfs.

Help, I’m not sure what to do next? Now the soname of the library is correctly set up.