Also, Canon supplied the optical elements for the Panasonic model. Unveiled at Comdex Fall ‘ It was Logitech ‘s third digital camera to enter the market. Showcased at Comdex Fall ‘ The body was made of high impact plastic making it very sturdy and not easy to break.

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Please note that Seagull named this model SDC as well. The camera was a very bulky chunk of hard plastic. An interesting fact is also the difference in body colors as you can see in the last photo. Apparently NMC had three digital cameras sigital their portfolio that all looked the same, only the model had no LCD screen. Apart from the resolution, everything else sounded pretty nice to have in a lo-res digital camera. Okay, but here is the tricky part.

A picture of the Digital Dream Digital is still missing but I am on it. Earlier camea only had 0. The DS is a tidbit harder to find because fewer units were sold.


They worked with, what they called, a leading electronics manufacturing company of a digital camerato develop and market the SD Announced and marketed in Last words now, there also appears to be an Achiever ADC s. The size of a pack of cigarettes. Marketed inwhen large sensors were expensive, Minolta went a different way and used three smaller sensors. It wasn’t even the slimmest camera but instead rather bulky.

OEM models from 1989-2002

It had a good grip and looked pretty cool. Here is a salut to the world’s first OEM model that was commercially available outside of Japan.

Most of them sported USB ports. It was Sampo’s second digital camera on the market. This digital camera was among one of the first affordable megapixel digital cameras.

These babies were among the first affordable digital cameras one could buy. Consumer digital cameras with CMOS sensors were still rare in with not even a handful of different models out there. Because it is one of the crappiest digital cameras ever made and an insult to most of the cameras featured here. For Rollei it was their foray into the consumer digital camera market after having launched several DSLR models.


Prolink DC Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

Just another regular cheap camera? They underwent some changes in company structures, created spin-offs like Pictos Technologies Inc. Images were stored directly onto the hard drive. Licensed to PolaroidVivitar and many others. A year later the Canon PowerShot 30 card camera was marketed. The camera consisted of well Oh, according to the biggest german camera website a Kinon DC also existed but I have found absolutely nothing about this camera.

Chinon builds a digital camera for Kodak. Nonetheless, Logitech sold more cameras due to better marketing strategies. Unveiled at Comdex Fall ‘ This was made possible by using the Fujifilm HT transmitter. Although Nikon announced the E3 init was not available untilonly months after the infamous Nikon D1 was announced.