Number of antenna connections: You can usually prise off the antenna leads on the old card with fingernails, and clip them on to the new card with fingers and thumbs. It has taken m over a day to figure this out. September 19, at 2: You will probably need a small Philips-style screwdriver to open the WiFi compartment. All times are GMT The newest Intel 7xxx series for example, seems to require a minimum of Windows 7.

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April 17, at Currently on intel AGN.

[Fixed] Intel WiFi Link 4965agn Driver windows 8/8.1/10

Genuine fake or Fake fake? Most laptops will have at least two wireless connectors to improve the signal by using spatial separation of the antennas inside the laptop.

Only downside is that I have to use only ONE antenna wire instead of two only the black antenna wire can reach the actual antenna connector on the half-mini card; the white antenna wire was just about 1cm short of reaching any connectors on the wifi card.

I have serched everywhere and I am only able to install vista ones but I want to install Windows 7 drivers instead of vista. Winrows connection utility didn’t help April 2, at 3: In theory, you should be able to use any appropriate-fitting wireless card, but in practice, there are some caveats. An alternative is to just ignore it. Don’t use dino drives any more except for servers.


Hospital has public use WiFi provided on each floor. Hello, Thanks for this information. X comes with 3 antenna wires, black, grey, and white. Replacing the old wireless card in your laptop is a relatively cheap upgrade, but can save hours of hassle when you have to work with windos WiFi signals.

September 20, at 2: If there are 3 cables, you can get by just using 2 without suffering that much — you might just miss out on the top connection speeds at short distances.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link AGN Drivers – Windows 7 Help Forums

It should work fine, however you might want to buy the adapter bracket to be able to screw it into place, otherwise it might come loose from the slot. In winows device manager it shows that device is working corectly but in fact it is not working at all.

Also, if for some reason you want to use an older card like the Intel or as a replacement, and upgrade Windows at the same time, take note that these older cards are not supported in Windows 8. Alternatively, while radio power levels involved in typical wireless cards are quite low even compared to mobile phones, if you feel that you may be sensitive to radio frequencies, you can choose a lower setting here.


Intel has been updating many of 4965aagn drivers the past couple weeks to include Windows 7. 4965agh pc funziona bene per il resto e vorrei evitare di cambiarlo. How to send a lot of photos over email — a step by step guide 6. What to do if one of the antenna cables are too short because of the half sized card?

It has taken m over a day to figure this out.

Upgrade your Intel AGN, WiFi Link or wireless card

You can check compatibility on their websites. April 27, at 2: Driver support for your OS: Originally Posted by wizkid.

I can understand maybe if some manufacturers do it to cut down on support costs, but still…. The wifi was working fine with my remembered connections and connected automatically within range. April 21, at 3: Find More Posts by zrtom. Chromecast video quality 5.