Would it be better to reinstall the driver and setup manually? I have been using the vendor software to reinstall. My Provider is Vodafone Germany. Aug 30, 1: Does anyone have a link for the software because I can’t get the dongle to start from scratch? Sep 11, 9:

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How to install Huawei E USB modem on Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard () – Super User

Anyone know where we macc get updated drivers for the mac? APN etc are specific to Vodafone. Posted on Aug 29, 3: My best advise would be to contact ma network provider for assistance with their Mobile Broadband offerings to see what needs to be done to get you up and running.

Tried it today and got connected OK in a different location so I guess it was a signal problem. If your dongle won’t install when you plug it in, you may w160 to download some software for it, called a driver.


It’ll be a zip file. Harry Davies Harry Davies. If you,ve updated your software because you were having a problem with your device, has this fixed the problem? It will help us makeitright by improving this page.

Czech O2 Huawei Mobile Connect E160 on Mac OS X

When I installed However I just installed the driver and used the built in network preferences to setup the connection and not any 3rd party software provided by the network provider. Seems like we made ourselves useful. You can download the latest E dongle firmware here. Make sure your device is added as Huawei Mobile, Telephone Number: London Underground Wifi discontinued.

Sep 11, 9: I have tried ma and restarting several times but the result is the same. I’ve read above the problem could be a kind of conflict caused by the 64 bit You just need to bypass any vendor software in my case it’s Virgin Mobile Home and just make sure you have the following settings in Network settings in System Prefs: Cannot log into my vodafone account.

Vodaphone Spamming me with You’ve swapped your sim message. My vodafone login requires authentication every time. Yes it’s a SFR sim. Sep 2, 1: Sep 15, 7: Also, could the message ‘No carrier detected’ just mean that the signal is poor where I am?


My French is reasonable but the bumph that came with the dongle is limited to say the least on technical details, in fact it just about tells you to plug it in and you’ll all live happily ever after! Ask a question Reset.

Aug 30, 1: Thanks Reidar eForum Team. Can I give notice at any time or just at month end I’ve also tried to install the driver only without the TIM’s software but nothing I just installed the driver. S9 Wifi calling option missing from settings.

The apn was already set within the device.