Oct 13, 2: User profile for user: As it happens I found a m-audio midi interface in my bits and bobs that is working fine with el capitain. Jul 17, 5: Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I can use it while I wait to see if Roland sort the problem.

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UM-1 driver

It works on my other MacBook Pro and on both iPads. Jan 16, I’ve installed a driver from Roland but the um-one doesn’t show up in the midi studio.

You’re not running the beta of If anyone does get it working, can you please post here. Usually the point release resolves it but not always.

Roland – Support – UM-1S – Drivers e atualizaƧƵes

Jan 17, 2: The driver doesn’t even give any power to the um-1 through the usb port. It may not work on the point releases. Oct 12, 5: You could contact Roland and ask if they amc be updating the driver but I wouldn’t count on it.


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For some reason the new MacBook Pro is not seeing it, i. Jan 17, 1: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: They do say on the driver page it’s for I gather there are a range of devices that are having issues with el Capitain so I might just hang onto the um-1 for a bit to see what happens.

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It does seem strange but my guess is they designed the latest driver it for the um-1 mark 2 which presumably is very similar in software requirements to the um I scan for new device, but the um-one doesn’t show up deirol. The latest um-1 driver I can find is for Jul 12, 4: The betas have a tendency to break things. Just running the regular el capitain download that came automatically in my updates.

However on this occasion it doesn’t seem to work for the um Jul 17, 5: That’s what I figure although they provided a driver that worked for Yosemite – I’d therefore hoped it might work for El Capitain but given my um-1 has probably been in service now for over 10 years I realise it might be time to retire it soon as I can’t forego all future updates forever. Posted on Oct 12, 5: Hi, This link works: Roland um-one doesn’t mount More Less.


Anyone else dealing with this? This product is getting very old but I don’t particularly want to eedirol out for a new one as it was working fine. As it happens I found a m-audio midi interface in my bits and bobs that is working fine with el capitain. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I have this problem too but only since I updated to el capitain.