Data Encryption, Data Restoration 10 System Settings password that can be easily assumed and not to store the registered password in a location that is easily accessible to other persons. Fax Billing Data System Settings Delete Deletes the Private Charge Print document. Private Mailbox Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote machines, in a mailbox of the machine. For information on network settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. Types of paper loaded in trays The machine automatically detects the size and orientation of loaded paper in trays. GraysOnline staff are here for security purposes only.

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Active Palette 0 Default: You can also click [Add Comment] to select a registered comment and edit it. Originals Head to Head Select this item when the first and second sides of the document are of the same Action Enable the Salutation port.

If necessary, the printing is automatically reduced in size. Login During Printing Set whether authentication is required when a document within a mailbox is printed. A copy of your invoice will be on site with GraysOnline staff to assist in documenting the removal process.

If the indicator does not light up, the document glass detects the document. Printed Covers The first page of the document is copied on the cover. Adapted When auto-scaling is in use, this sets the method for obtaining the active docucenhre-ii area. Paper Types To make full and effect use of the machine’s performance, we recommend using only paper recommended by Fuji Xerox.


Page Fax Procedure Remove any paper clips and Indicator staples before loading the document.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C A3 Printer / Copier

Machine Status Machine Status On the [Machine Status] screen, you can check the machine configuration and paper tray status. For information on x4300 to enter characters, refer to “Entering Text” P. Return the lever 4b to its original position. Return the unit 4 to its original position. When this message appears, load a new staple case into the staple cartridge.

The items displayed include the date and time, error code, and error category. We ensure we always use the doucentre-ii delivery method to deliver the order to your door. Fuji Xerox is committed to helping you meet your security needs. Gently remove the paper taking care not to tear it.

Select [Screen Default], and select [Change Settings]. Reset Account Deletes all registered information for a selected user. Staple Position Select from 5 staple positions.

Choose Your Fuji Xerox DocuCentre II C4300 Toner Below…

Setup To use the E-mail Printing feature, the following setup is necessary. Layout Adjustment Layout Adjustment On the [Layout Adjustment] screen, you can configure features for scanning documents. Machine Status You can check the overwriting status of the hard disk.


Product and Pricing Prices, specifications and availability of products are docucdntre-ii to change without prior fc. Secure Watermark Managing Document Security Secure Watermark is a security management feature to embed a copy protection digital code into a document, to restrict the document to be duplicated.

Audio Tones 10 System Settings When [On] is selected, specify a value between 1 and seconds, in 1 second increments. No control number is printed. Click here for more information and to get delivery quotes.

Types of paper loaded in trays The machine automatically detects the size and orientation of loaded paper in trays. Operations During Scanning 5 Scan Operations during Scanning The following describes the operations available during scanning. You can change the indicated document sizes. In [Other Settings], you can set the following item.