What is with this HuaweiPhobia? The Ci family consists of two keyboards — wireless and USB — and a range of mice built in the same chassis but featuring wireless, USB and compact versions for notebooks. Click here for free membership! All the hot keys and media keys worked well, and the keys themselves were responsive. Reviews by related category Kensington Keyboards and Mice. Like the Ci70 wireless keyboard I reviewed awhile back, I had a problem with the ultra thin design. By using a Perspex top to the packaging, the user is able to see both the keyboard and mouse laid out as if ready for use.

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Gadgets Gadgets See all. In a depressed area are a number of pre-defined hot keys and a slide over panel. Bose Companion 2 Ser Trials and Tribulations with Telstra November 22, The latest example of keyboard and mouse to come under my finger-tip control is the Kensington Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set which combines innovative stylish aspects with a mouse docking feature.

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The hot keys have been set up for calculator, search, email, Internet access and whatever is your default media player. Agree or disagree, or kejboard have a question?


Since most cameras use a mini-USB connector, Kensington includes one of these on top of the keyboard at the end of a short cord, hidden behind a sliding cover.

I was unable to find any method of changing the default settings. Reviews by related category Kensington Keyboards and Mice.

Free Prizedraw Why join? You may inlude URLs http: Our current Free Prizedraw!! Do not use a free VPN — ever! The marketing people at Kensington have put some thought into the packaging design for this desktop set.

At the top of the keyboard- the only section that is an inch thick- are five hot keys, the built-in mini USB connector and a regular USB port. How clever is the Google spam filter?

Above the number pad, there are five media keys that will control your default media player: What’s your experience of this product?

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Kensington Ci70 Keyboard with USB Ports Review

I love the idea of not having to drag out five different cords to plug in my MP3, camera and phone. Like the Ci70 wireless keyboard I reviewed awhile back, I had a problem with the ultra thin design. Setting up this desktop set is just a matter of inserting the batteries into the keyboard and mouse before connecting the USB receiver, either with or without the extension lead, into a keyblard USB port.


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The keyboard includes the full standard keys plus five multimedia keys for common applications such as mail, web and music. Games and game tech December 29, The reduction in size could well be a consideration for anybody with a limited amount of work space. To make sure you’re real, please simply enter the 4 digit code above into the following box. Battery life for both kdnsington keyboard and mouse is expected to be around six months. Kebyoard you’re asking a question – join GadgetSpeak first.

Kensington Ci70 Keyboard and Mouse

The USB wireless receiver is not immediately visible. Well – there are lots of reasons to join, depending on you and your interests: The wireless keyboard has a receiver like this too.

Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies! Installation was keboard snap. Kensington shows us how to combine style and affordability with the Ci range of devices.