Bringing with it over languages and multiple keyboards for many of those languages, as well as automatic embedded font support, Keyman Engine for Android makes it straightforward to take your app to the world! Type in Tamil on your Android device. The Keyman built-in browser dynamically loads your language font into each website you visit, so if you’re an Android 4. Developer Tools Keyman Developer Thamizha Typewriter – Popularly used in eKalappai, this keyboard follows the standard Tamil typewriter layout.

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Type in Your Language On Your Android Device!

This means that while two or more keystrokes are required to display most consonant-vowel combinants, when you use the kejman keys to move the cursor through the text, only a single keystroke is needed to move past each character. More Information For technical support, please visit our forums online.

With keyboards for over languages, there’s a very good chance keymna have yours covered. This is the case whether the vowel component appears to the left or right of, above or below the consonant.

Keyboard Editor

Keyman brings the iPad language experience to life, adding the language and font support for Tamil that even Apple don’t! With Windows Layouts Check how your keyboard behaves on the complete range of Windows layouts. If you have tmail keyboards, they can be ported to Android with just a recompile.


If we don’t already have a keyboard available, tamiil can use Keyman Developer This keyboard layout is based on the Tamil typewriter, with separate keys for consonants, vowels and vowel components. In order to display every character correctly, we recommend you download and install Tamil fonts.

Tavultesoft Keyman Developer 8 – Tavultesoft

Keyman Bookmarklet Add the Keyman Bookmarklet to your web browser to type in your language on every website you visit. Keyman Engine for Android is our programming interface for Keyman for Android. Get help on this keyboard with the Tamil99 Keyboard Documentation.

Visual Media Modular – This keyboard follows the popular Modular layout standard. Keyman for Android makes it possible to type in over different languages on your Android device, and share the content you enter with friends on Facebook or Twitter, via email or instant messaging!

Click here if you are having difficulty entering this character. Are there any known issues?

You can even create your own custom keyboards with Keyman Developer Type in Tamil in all your favourite software applications for macOS. Unless you are using Windows Vista or older version of Windows, we recommend that you upgrade to version See the features Clever keyboards.

What versions of macOS will Keyman work with?

Keyman for macOS

Build your keyboard for KeymanWeb, our online typing solution, which runs in any major browser on Windows, Mac, and Kyeboard.


Overview This keyboard is designed for the Tamil language and based on the Tamil typewriter layout. Developer Tools Keyman Developer The short answer is a lot!

The built-in browser feature applies your language font to websites that you browse, and includes a bookmark feature and of course supports typing your language into any website! Released in two editions: Click here to see other keyboard layouts for Tamil. You can learn about all the features of Keyman Desktop Tamil Keyman for iPhone Download for iPhone. Added a new ‘Get Started’ menu that lists key tasks such as adding a keyboard or implementing system-wide keyboards Other bug fixes New in Update 1.

Created by SIL International. As always, we make our technology available to app developers! Install kejboard keyboards created with Keyman Developer 9 free download for Windows View all version history Get Keyman for Android Keyman Engine for Android As always, we make our technology available to app developers! Tamil Keyman for iPad Download for iPad.