I’ve never even heard of an Air2PC hdtv cap card I wouldn’t have either except one of my friends is building a system around Linux, and apparently that is the darling card of the Linux crowd for the HDTV stuff. Also, anything from 0x to 0x or so may be dangerous to change firmware resides in that area. Use this if you want to help with driver development and testing. Fri Apr 22, 3: I definitely don’t see any outputs for it on the back or on the PCB There’s a big thread on it over on AVSforum. Originally posted by splicer:

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Here’s a shot of the card before we continue. Fri Apr 22, 4: Many internal improvements in this version, though few new user-worthy features. If you want the PC to enter sleep mode or lihux down, you can set that as a configuration option, and that’s the best way to approach this feature.

Mon May 02, Improved VPX chip support. May 10, Posts: We didn’t test in anything anywhere near that outdated, but we can say that CPU usage with our Sempron system remained very low.

Apr 18, Posts: The only button that I never found useful is the “subchannel” button. Test the configuration by running irw and pressing a few buttons on the remote. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. SP made some good points also.


MyHD MDP – HTPC – TV Tuner Reviews

Only use this if you want to help with driver development, or you want an overpriced color bars generator with an Open Source driver. The broadcast industry has been abuzz about it for year. This situation should not occur in normal usage, but if someone knows what causes this, mhhd post to the mailing list. All interrupt issues IRQ sharing, etc.

One of those is TSreader. So far it seems that 0x has something to do with the color palette, and 0x selects OSD images.

See the Judder Test page for usage information. Improvements to card initialization. You can use a second application, but that’s not the same thing. Besides the features and country of origin, there are quite a few other differences in the mmyhd. What if you use MCE?

Pure software decoding now takes a beefy CPU, but a year from now the hardware decoding will be dead weight. The report window is bigger how do I make it resizable??? Thu Apr 28, 1: Similar to other pass-thru cards in the past, a three-port cable that connects to the video card’s VGA port as well as the MyHD card, and the display is provided.


I basically linuux a t-shaped piece of wire as an antenna with a Silver Sensor on the way. I’m moderately concerned about the software decode, my system has an XP in it, is that enough to deal with it in software?

For example, if you want to figure out how to set various video modes, do a dump of the DPC registers and the miscellaneous registers for each video mode, and look for differences. Make sure lircd uses the irman driver.

Download TL880 Driver

Wed Apr 20, 8: Well that’s that then. Image viewing is possible with the latest version of fbithe framebuffer image viewer.

Use this if you want to help with driver development, or you want an overpriced color bars generator with an Open Source driver. It has no video capture capability.